Vladimir Arsic

Such a difference
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My experience with Yvonne Sweeney Auctioneers as a purchaser was excellent. We were looking to buy our first home, and before we considered this house advertised by Yvonne Sweeney, we were already engaged in dealing with some other auctioneers. As anyone who has been involved in buying a property in Ireland can tell you, it is the most stressful thing to go through. Our experience with others was less than stellar, which in the worst case made us most suspicious about what is going on, with absolutely mysterious twists in the process. When you are making the largest and the most important purchase in your life, you don’t need that. With Eiginta from Yvonne Sweeney, we had real information about the house price and bidding. This gave us an opportunity to make informed decision and come up with an offer that made vendor happy. It saved us a lot of nerves and time, while at the same time she was acting on the best vendor’s interest. So it was a well conducted business. Apart from that aspect of the process, everything else was also really great. Eiginta was always available to show us a house, responded quickly and responsibly in critical parts of the process. She was even there to give us our keys on a very short notice, on Friday, after hours !I enjoyed doing business with these auctioneers. Such a difference compared to others. Once again, thank you for making this – otherwise absolutely terrible and stressful process – much easier.

Property Purchase
March 2, 2019
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